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As far as the lyrics, Miller has good flow, but hopscotches between topics too fast. It seems his ADHD prevents him from telling stories, making it difficult to transcend buzz rhymes. Does he really need to shout out The Fader on wax? Content alternates between bragging about his lifestyle and feeling ashamed of it.

The Star Room

Apparently the TDE deep thinker busted his first nut on a bitch at age 10, and looks back on his turnt up youth with pride. Miller sounds less convincing spitting about his career highlights. Instead he contemplates a career in medicine. Mac Miller — REMember. It's an honest reflection of Mac Miller the rapper, which is all we can really ask of an emcee: Search for Press Esc key to exit.

Album Review: Mac Miller. June 18, Rostrum Records. The production comes together for a dope feel throughout the entire project, but It's experimental but his writing needs to improve tremendously over these beats or else a lot of it goes to waste. The 1st half of this album is especially plagued with the aforementioned flaws fam. The 2nd half gets better, especially production-wise, but what is Mac really saying or doing with the music on this album? Maybe J Cole and Mac Miller's albums were leaked on purpose so that their albums get heard instead of being put in the shadow of Yeezus on the 18th?

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Mac Miller - Watching Movies With The Sound Off (2xLP - Red/White Vinyl)

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Create an account. Illuminati leaked both Cole's and Mac's album to keep Kanye on top. Nobody wants him to win. If you want a song, you google the song with. Thanks for the heads up tho OP.

  1. The latest single from Mac Miller's upcoming "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" album..
  2. Album Review: Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off.
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    Mac Miller - Watching Movies With The Sound Off (Official Video)

    You use goo bing. I thought he wasn't doing any preorders? Can anyone explain? My bad.

    [LEAK]Mac Miller's "Watching Movies With the Sound Off" has leaked. : hiphopheads

    Now nothing will distract me from Yeezus! Can't wait to hear it. Mobile is hard. It's all good! Pharell is having a stellar You true, op? It's official, i'm wildin out. Search twitter, best place to get it quick. Worth downloading?