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All rights reserved. In OS X, sometimes the only clues that an application is running are that 1. Axure RP typically has a welcome screen that pops up when you launch the application without opening an RP file. If the application is launching without this window, it may be turned off.

Your Mac's operating system must be at least OS X It's always good to be on the latest build of Axure RP, but it's particularly important after an OS update. Major updates of OS X e. If you've recently restored your system using Time Machine, had repair work done on your computer, or made any other major system change, your user account's folder permissions settings may be misconfigured. Below are some steps for self-diagnosing a permissions problem on your Mac. Remember that you can also reach us at support axure.

Your user account's "Info" dialog can tell you a couple of important things.

To get to this dialog, follow these steps: In the left-hand "Favorites" column, locate your Home folder house icon. Right-click your Home folder and choose the "Get Info" context menu command. In the "General" section, make sure the "Locked" checkbox is cleared. If it shows some other level, click directly on the words showing the level e. If you don't see a line that says " Me ", you'll need to make one. Your account will need to be an admin to do this. If it's not, please contact your IT team for assistance with this step.

Using your Mac's Terminal, you can run a series of commands to collect permissions data for every folder Axure RP might need to access when it launches. Pulling this info together in one place might help you to diagnose a permissions conflict—if you know what to look for. These commands will collect information and put it into a text file on your desktop, but otherwise they won't make any permanent changes to your system. Once you hit [return], a file called "AxureLog.

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Open that file in your favorite text editor and let's get started investigating it. The file contains information about a handful of folders that Axure RP writes to during normal operation. Each group of text in the main portion of the document shows a folder's name on the first line and then a list of that folder's contents. The first column of each item is a string of notation describing that item's permissions. You can probably ignore this part, but if you'd like to understand exactly what you're seeing here you can do a web search for "Unix file permissions string" or refer to this resource at LinuxCommand.

The third and fourth columns show the item's owner account and owner group. The second column isn't important. In general, you want the folders and files in this list to be owned by your own user account and by the group called "staff".

Axure RP Pro 8 Crack + License Key Generator [Windows + MAC]

One exception is the "users" folder, which will be owned by the "root" account. So if my computer's user name were "AudreyAxure", I'd want to see something like this on the third line of each group where the permissions for the folder itself are shown: Axure RP relies on Microsoft-built software framework. NET pronounced dot-net , and won't work if. NET isn't installed or isn't working correctly.

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Newer versions of Windows 8 and later have the necessary version of. NET 4. If you're on Windows 7 or XP, however, you can try reinstalling. You can download the installer at this location: The data in this folder isn't vital, so you can feel free to delete the entire folder as a troubleshooting step. Then try to launch Axure RP again. The folder will be recreated by RP the next time it starts.

This guide will walk you through installing Axure RP on Windows systems. If you run into any trouble attempting to install or launch the application, please see the troubleshooting guide below or email us at support axure. Microsoft Office Word , XP, , , Most customers will be able to install Axure RP with the general installer, which is available for download at www. After downloading the installer, launch it and follow the onscreen prompts.

You may need to run the installer as an administrator. If you are unable to use the general installer, or if you would prefer to install Axure RP manually, please follow the steps below. The computer needs to have the Microsoft. NET Framework 4.

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If it is not present, please install it from the Microsoft download page. In a new Windows Explorer window a. If you need to deploy Axure RP to one or more workstations silently, download the installer and then run: To generate an installation log to a designated location, run: If you are performing the installation through SCCM, you will need to use a local admin account instead of a system account.

You may also activate Axure RP silently. To do so, follow the steps below after installation but before launching the application.

Axure RP Pro 8 Crack + License Key Generator [Windows + MAC]

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