Mac dock download progress bar

What do we have? I need to go home now, but go class-dump Foundation. Check out the entire progress framework, starting with NSProgress and going up. Comment 4 Deleted. Comment 5 by rsesek chromium.

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Feature-Downloads Status: Comment 5 Deleted. Comment 6 by a Preliminary results. What's weird is that it doesn't work twice, but if you quit and run it again it works. Comment 6 Deleted. Comment 7 by a Issue has been merged into this issue. Comment 7 Deleted. Comment 8 by a New version, now with cancellation support and more. Comment 8 Deleted. Comment 9 by asanka chromium.

Comment 9 Deleted. Comment 10 by asanka chromium. Comment 10 Deleted. Comment 11 by a Comment 11 Deleted. Comment 12 by a Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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macos - Can't get rid of incomplete download bar underneath dock icon - Ask Different

Project Flags: Fission Milestone QA Whiteboard:. Has Regression Range:. Has STR:. See Also: Crash Signature:. This bug is publicly visible. What Photoshop does. What VMware does. What Chromium does. Dock Progress style mimicking badly the Cocoa progress bar. Dock Progress style "filling up" the Firefox icon.

Preliminary widget implementation. Native progress bars drawn in the Dock: Normal, paused, indet, error. Code for drawing native progress bars. Progress bars as implemented so far.

Check for paused or stalled downloads

What Toast does. What Xcode Does. Complete implementation.

Windows ProgressBar In Mac

Drawing a determinate progress bar, v2. Drawing an indeterminate progress bar, v2.

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  • Screencast with a different icon. Update patch to apply cleanly to trunk.

    Watch File Download Progress Easily in Mac OS X from Dock or Finder Windows

    Show Obsolete Attachments. Markus Stange [: Paul O'Shannessy [: Kevin Brosnan. Duplicate of this bug: