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Gatekeeper is always installed as part of the OS. There's no way for the user to choose to install it. There's also no way to uninstall it. The only part of samnick's post that is correct is that it's a fake alert. There is nothing to search for or delete. It's nothing but one of thousands of similar popups trying to get you to fall for a scam.

How to know if Google Chrome has a virus

Jan 5, 7: Jan 7, 7: Thank you very much. I had no good feeling with the advice of vsamnick so i put it in hold. Now i know what to do next time. Jan 8, 8: I Force Quit Safari but the page is still showing in my history.

How to get rid of a Chrome virus on your computer

What action if any should I take? Just to make it clear. I did hold in shift and it didn't re-open the windows but the page still appears in my bookmark history. Do I just delete my history or can I delete that individual page? Don't want to open it again inadvertently. It's all part of the same scam. Choose an appropriate period to clear from the dropdown menu. That action will ensure you don't inadvertently navigate back to the same problematic web page.

Read through the entire link John provided.

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What you'll likely have to do is the step to disconnect from the Internet. Doesn't matter if Safari is running or not when you do that since there is now no way for the site to stop you from closing the popup, and then closing the tab. When a page reappears even on a Shift launch, the cause is most likely iCloud.

Not always, but we've seen a lot of posts from iPhone and iPad users who cannot remove a scam like this. Not even after clearing web site data. The issue turned out to be their own iCloud account, which was immediately re-syncing the data from iCloud. The solution was to turn Safari syncing in iCloud off so it couldn't do that. This isn't a cure-all method. It's just another one to try since iCloud can cause the same issue on your Mac.

  • Critical Security Warning! Your Mac is Infected…Fix.
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Thanks all. This is the first time I have had this annoyance appear on my Mac so I am hoping it doesn't become a regular one. Jan 8, 9: Those things are becoming more prevalent, and it affects all devices Macs, PCs, iPhones, etc, anything that runs a web browser allowing the scripting language that controls website behavior. Avoiding the frequently sketchy websites that host those scams is a good defense, but no website that hosts interest-based targeted advertising will ever be completely immune.

I've encountered those scams using Dictionary dot com of all things.

Step 1: Remove problem apps

Most "news" sites are noteworthy offenders, as are nearly all "adult entertainment" sites. So I hear. Fake virus warning More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question.

How to remove malware from Chrome

User profile for user: KoDutch KoDutch. Fake virus warning Surfing with Chrome a pop up window was warning me for 6 virussen and a infected system. Your Mac OS X is infected with 6 viruses and your system is infected! You must clean your system of viruses as soon as possible.

How can I prevent this from happening. I did't click the OK botten so i don't know what the results wil be. I take this very serious and I hope that this possible threat can be eliminated. More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: John Galt John Galt. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: View answer in context.

Yesterday while internet surfing on my MacBook Pro laptop, an alarming pop up alert purportedly from Apple appeared on my screen and locked out my Safari. The alarm said my Mac was infected with a malicious virus attack and my private and financial information was at risk. So I decided to call the number, on my spare mobile phone with a prepaid SIM card. The person who answered the call was initially quite professional sounding, asking me how it happened and proceeded to guide me step by step to identify the problem.

I even allowed him to remote control my computer. He actually brought me back to Safari and showed me that my Apple protection had expired. It was then I started to sense that he spoke with an Indian accent.

'Your Mojave is infected with (3) viruses' scam removal (Mac).

When I asked him where he was based, he said Oregon. I then said I would throw away my computer as it is already 6 years old. He then tried to convince me that my MacBook can still last another 6, 7 years. When I declined his offer, the pop up alarm came back and it looked like my whole computer was infected. I told him I sensed a scam and I put down the phone and shut down my whole computer. I googled this problem with my mobile phone then realized that many people in the US have been scammed.

Apple does not send out such alerts and the toll number does not belong to Apple.

The posts I read said this scam is to lure you to buy the fake software with your credit card and they may steal your credit card information. So beware. This morning I opened up my MacBook Pro and everything was back to normal. Hopefully he has not stolen anything from me. Had the same issue telling me my Ipad was seriously compromised and gave me a to call. Fortunately I used common sense and calm down Google this error message and YES lots of unfortunate folks did fell for it, so i close all windows restart the system and clean browser history, Thanks no issues.

My computer said that I have a virus and to call I told him I will go and fix it at the Apple Store and he said they will charge me the same amount. I said thank you for your help and disconnected the call. I had a similar thing happen in chrome. It looked like it was downloading files at a record pace! Freaked me out! Thank you! Last night I turned on my Mac and just pop up screen said I got virus and my computer is locked and asked to call the number It worked. You have saved me so much time not to mention money.