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For very low bitrates, up to kbps, ABR is most often the best solution. It is currently mapped to --abr 56 -mm , so that means that the recommendation would be to encode in mono, and use ABR.

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MP3s are divided into frames, each frame being a particular size, expressed as a bitrate. If the bitrate of every frame is the same throughout the file, then the file is considered to be constant bit rate CBR. Otherwise, it is variable bit rate VBR. Use variable bitrate modes when the goal is to achieve a fixed level of quality using the lowest possible bitrate.

VBR is best used to target a specific quality level, instead of a specific bitrate. The "V" has to be a capital letter.

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Fractional values out to three decimal places are also accepted, with 9. However, if you're still using LAME 3. The target bitrate and actual typical bitrate for each VBR quality level is shown in the Technical details for recommended LAME settings section below. Use ABR when you need to know the final size of the file but still want to allow the encoder some flexibility to decide which passages need more bits. CBR encoding is not efficient. CBR is only recommended for usage in streaming situations where the upper bitrate must be strictly enforced.

There is still some variability in bitrate behind the scenes, through LAME's use of the bit reservoir feature of the MP3 format, but it is much less flexible than actual VBR. The default lowpass settings were not chosen at random; for general use, they are as high as they can be without putting quality at risk.

Raising the the cutoff via command-line options is not recommended. See the high-frequency content in MP3s article for more info. In VBR modes 7 to 9. Since it is required when resampling, a filter is always applied to remove frequencies above one-half the sample rate. The lowpass info above is indicating whether any additional filtering is done. LAME's internal resampler is not ideal.

The decoder must be the DirectShow filter l3codecx. Windows Vista shipped with the older version but Windows Media Player uses a different filter, and later versions of Windows don't have the old filter at all. A workaround was implemented in LAME 3. This resulted in wasted space when the bit reservoir would grow beyond the limit. In LAME 3.

LAME supports the de facto standard of adding an extra frame of silence to the beginning of MP3 files. This "VBR header" or "Info tag" provides a home for precise info about the audio duration and a table of seek points. It is mainly for the benefit of players working with VBR files.

Decoders usually treat the frame as informational, rather than playing the audio. Prior to LAME 3. Since 3.

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The revolutionary --alt-preset system was introduced in LAME 3. It was replaced by the --preset flags in later versions. Starting with version 3. The --preset switches were made into aliases to the corresponding -V flags for the sake of backward compatibility. There is no difference between the output you get if you use -V2 or --alt-preset standard.

Recent LAME versions feature more streamlined command-line options, and it's recommended to stick to one of the values described in the text or shown in the table above.

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Jump to: Rarewares LAME-bundle. Maximum quality and archiving [ edit ] Maximum quality is achieved when, regardless of listening conditions, you are unable to detect a difference between the MP3 and the original.

It can also be used by other applications. View full description.

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