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If you want a quick way to see the Desktop select something other than the dash. I use Fn. Step 2 - Data entry - Enter data collected with your survey. For this example I took a survey of my class asking them to name their favorite fruit.

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Data can be entered without the headings I entered in row 1. Step 3 - Creating the chart - Note: When data has been entered and your cursor is immediately below the entered date, press the F11 key on the top row of your keyboard. For people familiar with previous versions of Excel, the new process can be unintuitive at first. Read on to learn how. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 85, times. Microsoft Excel. Learn more. Learn more Create your graph as normal. Make sure the formatting palette is visible.

If it is not visible, select it under the "View" menu. With a Choose command, I let the user me choose the language and all titles follow…. In Excel the text box with formula does not automatically change when the referenced cell changes if the file has been opened and saved by Excel previously. Thanks for describing this glitch. When the file is saved in are the links fixed? Last week, I upgraded to Office , and all my embedded formulas have disappeared from my charts. I can get the embedded formula to work in a new Excel spread sheet, but my old spreadsheets refuse to display them.

The links seem to work fine in charts created in Perhaps something as simple as. Same chart on another machine being updated by the same person works fine. Any ideas? You have to make sure the text element itself is selected, but the cursor is not seen in the text itself, nor is any of the text selected.

Instead, I get a Runtime , not supported. Any suggestions? The code only works for shapes. The manual way of adding linked labels to other chart text elements works as in Axes xlCategory.

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Axes xlValue. Worked beautifully. Thank you very much. I can do that if there is a single chart on the chart sheet, but not if I have two chart objects embedded. Not really sure why that is. Man, my charts have come a long way since discovering this excellent resource. Thanks for all you do. Jon or anyone else , do you have any feeling on the reason MS decided to arbitrarily disallow use of functions in those text box formulas? Or are there already formulas outside cells? I think these links were intended to be just that: Charts themselves are not responsible for many calculations, other than figuring out positions and sizes of the various chart elements.

It is up to the spreadsheet designer to provide the appropriate text in the linked cell, by functions or other means.

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Your article is very helpful when you want the text to go from a cell to a textbox on a chart, but what I am having a hard time figuring out and finding info on , is how to have the text populate in a cell from the textbox on the chart. Also, I would prefer to avoid VBA in this case if possible. This can be based on the same information that the chart text uses. I was curious to see if it could be done, considering Microsoft certainly tries to think of everything.

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You might be able to use a scrollbar to change the value in a cell, then show this value in a textbox in the chart. Of course, if the chart is embedded in a sheet, the chart is surrounded by an ocean of cells for you to use.

Link Chart Text to a Cell

Many thanks for your blog and the comments contained herein. Finally I understand how to link chart data labels to cell values in VBA.

Too easy! But not at all obvious. Jon, Many thanks for your blog. I would like to know if it is possible to refer to a chart name in a worksheet cell. I would like dynamic charts in my workbook without macros, and a cell formula referring to the chart name would make it easy. For example, cell A1 helps define series names for Chart1, Chart2, Chart3. I could determine the content of A1 in a macro with each chart — but is there a formula which will identify the activated chart in A1 so that I can dispense with the macros?

Links flow in one direction, from worksheet to chart. The sheet can have no knowledge about the chart, unless you use VBA. I am using Excel for MAC, Microsoft I am wondering if you can tell me how to make a scattered plot chart with the y-axis plotted and sorted by text? I am having trouble finding information and learning how to do this. Please help! The only workaround we can get working is to change the textbox to an ActiveX Label not the Form Label and modify the caption property with code — not something we want to do to 20 workbooks …..

Excel has issues with linking of shapes to cell text. I have no direct knowledge of any of these issues.

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I just went from Excel to There seems to be a bug? Open a new workbook, add some text to a cell, create a text box, and link the text box to the cell. Save the file either as. On close, I always get the dialog box that asks: At first the proper label is displayed on the chart, updating when the formula changes. Upon reopening the saved file, the label is static and no longer linked to a cell!? Using TEXT so the cell holds a string allows the link to save properly and display the number. I still use Excel most of the time, and I have not ever seen this problem.

But then, I almost never use chart sheets: I prefer to array several charts on a worksheet so I can see them all at once. Is this a problem for all linkable text in the chart chart and axis titles, textboxes, data labels , or just for a particular type? I tend not to name cells holding text, but I like to name the variables controlled by scroll bars or spinners on a chart sheet, and I like to put the current numeric value next to such form controls. With chart titles and axis titles, Excel rejects such named references until we manually clarify it with the sheetname or filename, as it will do for text labels also on an embedded chart.

Alas, when adding text labels or form labels to a chart sheet, Excel merrily accepts the name, and all seems fine until that link breaks when one saves and reopens the file. The simple fix is to remember to type in the complete reference name manually — or just not use named cells. PS — Please tell me that Excel is smart enough to accept a globally named range as a chart series range without our manually specifying that the range is in the same workbook as this chart.

And that it accepts a locally or globally named range as an embedded chart series range without our manually specifying that the range is in the same worksheet or workbook as the chart. Is there a limit to the number of text boxes you can dynamically link to a chart. This way I am able to capture the formatting for each stat and label without going through a VBA solution this project must remain as uncomplicated as possible for coworkers ;.

I currently have 14 text boxes grouped into one object that I paste into my chart. Does this make any sense? Have you run into this problem before? I am at a loss as to why this is happening and have scoured the internet for answers. BTW many thanks for your great site—it has been very useful to many many people.

I have not yet figured out a viable workaround. Hi Jon, I hace a question of excel. I know how to link a cell content to a text box in a chart. But what i am trying to do is the other way.