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Free Shipping. Top Sellers. Newegg Premier Eligible. Discount Item. Volume Savings. In Stock. This is a great secondary monitor for Win8 systems, not to be used as your only or primary monitor as the edges of the screen are not flush, they are set in so swiping from edges is VERY difficult and not recommended.

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The monitor works great, but give it four stars because it was very difficult to assemble the base of mononitor, is a bit difficult to assemble. Posadas Jr. Well what can I say that other customers have not made mention of this product? Bigger screen? Possibly, but if all that is required is the ability to manipulate objects with your own fingertips rather than a mouse whose left mouse button can get worn out. It has some accuracy issues with more finite objects on screen such as the "X" button on tabs for internet browsers, but overall it's a more economical purchase.

My only central annoyance of the product is that it cannot tilt far enough to allow one to, somehow, manipulate the screen as if one used a tablet. I have yet attempted to see if the touch screen is usable with a stylus or not, but I'm sure a few of you have done so. GeChic i Currently unavailable. This monitor does not disappoint!

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Overall, I very much like this monitor. It is incredibly easy to set up, works very well, has a wonderfully bright, crisp image, and the touchscreen works flawlessly.

See All Buying Options. I have always used screen protectors on my devices. Typically, it has been the PET film screen protector but now they have tempered glass screen protectors widely available such as this one from Anker. The difference in the two is tempered glass is much stronger and in my view offers better protection against the devices screen getting cracked.

It's like having another layer of glass on top of your devices screen. For a tablet I would definitely recommend a tempered glass screen protector as the screens surface area is much larger which increases the chances of it getting damaged. List Price: You Save: The GeChic is a premium product that satisfies the needs of individuals who require the quasi-portable solution to mobile desktop computing.

It admirably meets this requirement. The The size easily fits into my Dell computer bag. Making this work for the constant traveler as I am is to consider the exact application of this product. It's fair to say that although the software installed as expected and the tests worked, the performance of the software with the Acer T monitor was patchy.

Touch Screen Drivers for OSX | VI-CONTROL

It ranged from full and smooth multi-touch to not working at all, with most options in between. This was nothing to do with Studio One 3 as this kind of behaviour was exhibited in various applications. Oddly enough one of the applications you use to add functionality UPDD Gestures seemed to give it less functionality - rather than more. Reading other experiences online with the software leads me to think that it may not be the software but the monitor when using a Mac. There's a high likelihood that this could have been down to user error, however I followed the installation instructions to the letter but still had, as best, patchy results from this combination on the Mac.

I'm now returning the monitor and trying another one, which seems to have shown better results on a Mac, so watch this space.