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Error has struck your iPhone or, in this case, iTunes. Part 1: Why did it happen? Part 2: Available on: Windows Mac. Start Download. Start Download Start Download. Part 3: Part 4: Bring iTunes up to date.

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Solution 2. Check your PC settings. Hope the picture helps! You might just be lucky! Synchronize watches! Solution 3. Update your OS. Now we are getting a little bit more serious. It is accessed in the Control Panel. Solution 4. Check your security software. Many books are written on dealing with this type of issue with anti-virus. Do not take the chance, be sure that you will switch it back on again! Windows 'System and Security'. Solution 5.

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Are You Connected? Solution 6. Edit your 'hosts' file. Navigate to find the 'hosts' file. When opened, it should look something like this.

Full Solutions for Fix iTunes Error 3014 When Upgrading iPhone

Approach with care. Bonus Solution! We ARE here to help It is a bit of a cliched joke, but rebooting can help. Good luck! They're downloading.

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Download Download. Have you used tips on how to solve the error problems but nothing has given you a solution? We have come up with an in-depth solution to the iPhone black screen issue in this post. Many iPhone users have encountered the same issue but finally fixed it. But how? Free Photo Compressor. Something You May Need: Wian LJ Dedicated in mobile phone problem resolution since Last updated: November 30, Free Download Free Download. Part 1. What is iTunes Error ?

Part 2.

Full Solutions to Fix iTunes Error When Restoring iPhone-

Virus or Malware infection on the computer where iTunes is installed. Corrupted iTunes-related software in Windows registry. Incomplete iTunes installation or corrupted version.

Another program may have accidentally overwritten and deleted iTunes files. Windows latency and response slowly to external devices like mouse and keyboard Freezing periodically during any computer-related activities Error pops up Crashing the current program window When you notice any of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms, try to fix it right away to avoid further problems. This problem can be reverted by the following simple solutions below: Solution 1.

Update iTunes Always make it a habit that whenever you open or access iTunes to check for the latest version and update it. If there is an available update, install the latest iTunes version. Solutions 2. To update Windows Click Start button and type in Update from the search bar. Click on Windows Update among the result lists showed on the screen Wait until the system completely checks any available software update Once the results show up, click on important updates then click the checkboxes for the updates you need to install Click Install Updates.

Solution 4. To turn off Windows Firewall on Win 10 built-in settings Open control panel. Hover or point mouse on the Start button then right click to show you other system tools. Look for Control Panel and then click to launch. Click System and Security Click Firewall Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off from the left side menu options Choose to turn it back on after a certain period of time-based on the entire length of time needed to restore or update iOS devices on iTunes or you can manually turn it back on right after.

Solution 5. Stay Connected Among the overlooked solutions sometimes is the network connectivity of the devices that may have interrupted the update or restore process. Solution 6. When you see the hosts file and paste this line at the end: If you have done this step correctly then it will lead to Cydia website.

Remove the following lines in your host's file: Part 3. I synced my iPhone successfully. When I try to restore I get the message above. Posted on May 18, 4: May 18, 4: Unable to contact the iOS software update server gs. Error , , , , These errors may be the result of the connection to gs. Follow these steps to resolve these errors:.

The "device may need service" means a hardware problem. In that case make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store. Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar. Page content loaded. How to fix iTunes error when upgrading iPhone firmware More Less. Communities Contact Support.