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Do you think there's a way to fix this? An example of the texture problem is the bodies are see through , sometimes the backgrounds layers are moved to the top making it hard to see the things under it and walls are see through things like this. I tried looking around but i can't find i solution so far,,. Do you know anyway to fix this? Thanks in advance: It looks like a lot of people have had success with it, and they have noted their graphics configurations there so maybe have a play around. There is also a note about a serious texture problem.

Emulation is patchy at best, and speaking from experience often the best way to try and fix these pesky bugs is to experiment. Unfortunately it just sounds like a case of bad emulation. It might be worth looking up the game in question e. This wont work for me. Why go through all this hoops and install a flawed old version. I don't buy that I'm afraid, especially with Virtual Box. Maybe if you were using Parallels or another VM package that has semi-decent 3D support, but you're way more likely to encounter graphical problems, glitches, missing textures and such using Windows 7 on Virtual Box with experimental 3D support.

Please help, when i try and locate the directory of the bios file, it is faded and i cant click on it. What might be causing this? I'm sorry but I don't know, I haven't had that problem. Have you restarted and tried multiple times? In modern consoles the BIOS is required to run any games, and often dictates the region - i. By changing the BIOS file you can effectively change the version and region of the console. How do I get the bios?

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Also, I have a couple games I would like to try, can I just put them in my Mac or do I have to copy them first? If so, how? Are there more detailed directions on how to do everything needed? Previously tried to run pcsx2 and had some problems. I have both now. I came across your tutorial and for some reason it's the only one that works.

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Perhaps I was downloading an incorrect version of pcsx2 it came in a disc image with a Libraries. I am having some problems though. I can't get the graphics to be smooth, and the menus are "doubled" or blurry almost. The sound is also a bit behind.

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It seems as if that last glossy layer of the game is missing or something. Also, I made it just past the intro of FFX, entered the second screen, and my controls stopped working I use the keyboard. I also read in the comments that I shouldn't need XQuartz, but when I open pcsx2, it automatically runs as if it's through XQuartz. Do you have any insight? Could it be a bad ISO? It had me worried for a while too: For some reason the default setting was Mute. Before You do of course need the CG Toolkit too, for all versions. The problems you describe sound like typical emulation issues, and I've experienced plenty myself on various platforms in the past.

Have you tried many more games? Have you tried messing with graphics settings or looking for special fixes in the advanced settings? I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to suggest, other than trying other games or considering the fact that your hardware might not be PCSX2-friendly. I'd try a few more games perhaps FF7?

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The fact that you can get it to run at all is a good start, remember that! After some more Googling I found this thread which might help you out: It's slightly outdated, but not in your case as you're still on Are you running Lion? If you are running an earlier version make sure you have XQuartz downloaded and the correct version of the emulator for your OS.

Let this first build be the first one in a long string of builds that will lead us to amazing PS2 emulation on PC and mobile devices! Here's what's new: Grand Theft Auto 3: San Andreas. Kingdom Hearts.

Gran Turismo 3 is now playable. Grab the latest weekly build on the weekly build repository. Christmas' coming early!

Here's a new build for you to enjoy! Beeping and screeching shouldn't happen anymore. Support for PCM sound data input has been added, enabling music and voice-overs in many games. Outrun now goes in menus, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 goes in game.

Hello all! Sorry again for the delay, but here's a new build! This build includes the following changes: Or you will need to navigate through the entire directory all the time. Enjoy the game. I admit that the game speed is not playable at all on my Hackintosh Mac. My Mac does not contain the true drivers from Nvdia and it is only a Core 2 duo. I believe it will be playable with real Mac computers and powerful Intel i7 cores.

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